The Valley Queen Promise

Our partnership with area dairy producers has a long history based on trust.

Because we value our partnerships, we promise to treat each and every producer with honesty, integrity and respect. And we will work hard to ensure that our quality and quantity premium structure remains one of the most competitive in the industry.


Cheese Yield Contract Bids
Cheese Yield Price History (3, 5, and 7 year avg.)
Blimling and Associates
Blimling Weekly Market Report
Daily Settlement Prices – Cheese Markets
    CME Spot Market Summary
Daily Settlement Prices – Butter Markets
CME Class III Milk Futures
Daily Dairy Report
Monthly Cheese Price History (Blocks)
Monthly Cheese Price History (Barrels)

Milk Procurement Policy

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Fuel Surcharge

Our Fuel Surcharge is based on the current average on-highway diesel price for the Midwest region as published by the Energy Information Association.

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