Valley Queen Advantage

What we hear most from our buyers is that they appreciate our relentless work ethic, flexibility and the feeling that we won’t let them down.

We’re large enough to meet the most demanding requirements and small enough to react quickly to ever-changing consumer trends.

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New Product Development

  • Because we strive to be a valued partner, we’re here to work with you to determine how to best bring your next product idea to market.

Chances are, you have a Valley Queen product in your home right now. A nationally branded block of cheese. A bag of shredded cheese or even a candy bar. They’re all made from our award-winning cheese, lactose and whey products.


Meet our family of fine products:

Cheddar Jalapeno
Monterey Jack Peppers
Monterey Jack Chipotle
Reduced Fat Monterey Jack Peppers
Cheddar Chipotle
Monterey Jack
Reduced Fat Colby Jack
Reduced Fat Monterey Jack
Reduced Fat Colby
Reduced Fat Cheddar
Colby Jack
Colby with Cream Cheese
Fat Free Cheddar
Fat Free Mozzarella
Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella

Our Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) products supply a rich dairy flavor and creaminess to a wide range of applications including chocolate, confectionery, and processed cheese.


3.5 million pounds of liquid whey is processed here every day, which is dried into lactose or

whey protein concentrate. Our whey products are used as ingredients for baby formula, candy and nutritional supplements.

Our milk comes from roughly 50 dairies within 80 miles of Milbank. Every day they bring in four million pounds of milk that we turn into 400,000 pounds of cheese. We also ship more than two tankers of liquid cream daily to cream cheese and ice cream plants across the country.